Client Services

Davis Capital understands the responsibility placed in the hands of investment bankers. The advice and transaction guidance we provide marks a watershed in the history of many companies, and we devote ourselves to providing quality work that ensures your success. We are a transaction-driven firm, focused on creating, initiating, negotiating, structuring, and closing mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, management buyouts, leveraged buyouts and a wide range of complex capital raising projects. It is our firm's objective to exceed expectations and produce inspiring results. We bring to the table bulge-bracket quality work with a boutique's level of customer service. Our unique combination of resources, experience, and technical expertise allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive array of sophisticated execution capabilities. We tailor these capabilities to custom fit the particular needs of each client, ensuring that needs are met and expectations exceeded.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sell Side Advisory
Selling a company can be a complex maze of decisions. We focus on providing advice and transaction structure that drives premium values while ensuring maximum flexibility. We do not believe that every company is the same. We run full-fledged sell-side processes, including Confidential Memoranda, multiple valuation techniques and targeted buyer lists and presentations. Our transactions mirror those of the largest investment banks and require intense dedication and precision to complete.

Buy Side Advisory
Management Buyouts
We work with management teams to identify the right investors to assist in the proposed transaction. We are aware of and comfortable of the timeframe required to successfully manage and execute an MBO, whether or not currently under LOI. Your work is one of the key pieces of the puzzle, and we can place a value on your contribution.

Leveraged Buyouts
Whether acquiring a new business or expanding either horizontally or vertically, we bring with us years of experience in advising companies on how to find and complete acquisitions.

Private Equity Portfolio Acquisitions
We bring our private equity contacts not only our years of experience but our network on "on the ground" relationships. We understand not only the biggest opportunities in various industry verticals but also smaller opportunities that might otherwise escape detection, and we have the tools and expertise to help deals close.

Distressed M&A
We have over 100 years of experience working with distressed companies on M&A, both inside and outside the protection of bankruptcy. We understand the particular timing and financial concerns that go alongside distressed companies, and we can help you to navigate the considerable legal and regulatory challenges of distress.

ESOP Advisory Services
Employee Stock Ownership Plans, or ESOPs, have emerged in recent years to become a substantial funding alternative. Davis Capital has the expertise that comes only with experience for structuring, negotiating and executing ESOPs.

Merchant Banking
Davis Capital maintains a network of industry contacts that helps us to identify and put in position management teams that can drive companies to excel. We work with companies and private equity partners to help create opportunities that are "win-win" for all parties.

Corporate Finance
Senior, Mezzanine and Subordinated Debt
Davis Capital maintains relationships with both banks and alternative lenders around the country, and has the industry knowledge to understand both availability and pricing. We are also connected to many of the largest and most sophisticated mezzanine lenders.

Convertible Preferred
We can help to structure debt with equity upside to lower the cost of debt, as well as understand and model the range of effects such instruments have on capital structure.

Minority Equity
Especially in the current market environment, minority equity placements are often the simplest and easiest way to raise capital to expand a business. We maintain relationships with many leading minority equity investors, including private equity funds.

Control Equity
Control transactions other than mergers and acquisitions can often be the most complex and arcane of transactions. We bring with us the dedication and understanding to help assemble a capital structure that will work for all owners.